SharePoint Document Preview 2013

SharePoint Document Preview 2013

One of the best SharePoint Tools: Graphical SharePoint Document Viewer (SharePoint File Preview)

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Current version: S.2.1.9 Publication date: June 8,2016. See Release Notes on the bottom of this page

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·       Document Preview for SharePoint Server 2016

·      Document Preview for SharePoint 2010

Document Preview:

  • Provides graphical preview of the document content
  • Integrates into standard preview panes of the document libraries and Search centers
  • Includes extended preview panes and navigation controls
  • Enables floating stickers
  • Supports dozens of file types
  • Realized as native SharePoint solution
  • Doesn’t contain ActiveX or COM objects.
  • Creates thumbnails in the separated background process
  • High security level
  • Doesn't require the user to install a document viewer (Microsoft Office, PDF Viewer, etc.) on the server or on the workstation

Three preview modes:

I. Scrollable multipage preview integrated into standard SharePoint Preview pane:

Document and Form Libraries: 

1-Preview pane;  2- Navigation between preview pages; 3- Add Sticker button

Search Center results page:


II. Quick preview

1 - Move mouse over preview icon to open Quick Preview; 2 - Quick Preview pane
Quick preview has reduced quality and displays first page only


III. Full Preview

Click on the preview icon to open full preview window.

1 - Preview pane; 2 - Navigation between preview pages; 3 - Current document;
4 - Navigation between documents; 5 - Add Sticker button


Users with write permission can add sticker to the preview pane.
The sticker doesn’t affect content of the original document.

Edit Mode


1 - Text area; 2 - Button “Save”; 3 - Button “Cancel”;  4 - Button “Delete sticker”

View mode


Double-click on the text area to open the sticker in the edit mode (write permission is required).


Document Preview vs. SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box Preview (Office Web Apps)


  Document Preview Office Web Apps
Installation Realized as standard SharePoint wsp, installed on the SharePoint front-end server. Requires its own server and cannot be installed on the same machine with SharePoint 2013
Supported formats Word, Excel, PowerPoint and dozens other formats like PDF, InfoPath, web pages, Visio, CAD, etc. Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Preview generation Creates preview in background, saves link to the preview in the item field. When user clicks on the preview icon, previously prepared preview image is displayed immediately. Creates preview "on-fly". It is time and system resources consuming process:

 1. User requests SP2013 for preview
 2. SP2013 sends request to
     Office Web Apps server
 3. Office Web Apps server requests SP2013
     for the document content, converts the
     content to image format and returns
     preview image(s) to SP2013
 4. SP2013 returns preview image to the
User Interface Three preview modes, navigation between documents in the current view from the preview pane. One preview mode, no navigation between documents from the preview pane
Edit in browser Not supported in the Standalone Mode.
Can be configured in the Mixed Mode with Office Web Apps to achieve edit-in-browser functionality.
Supported, but you must purchase an editing license to use the editing features of Office Web Apps with SharePoint 2013.
Stickers Supported Not Supported


Release Notes

v. 2.1.9




Support for Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)


Support for Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files


Configuration of excluded libraries


Save site with Preview field as template


Support for multiple notes and notes per page

Document Preview for SharePoint Server 2013Administrator & User GuideS.2.1.9Download
Document Preview for SharePoint Foundation 2013Administrator & User GuideF.2.1.5Download

Document Preview for SharePoint Server 2013Full functional 30-days limitedS.2.1.9Download
Document Preview for SharePoint Foundation 2013Full functional 30-days limitedF.2.1.5Download
Web ExtensionFull functional unlimited version1.0.0Download
CAD ExtensionFull functional 30-days limited1.0.0Download
Visio ExtensionFull functional 30-days limited1.7.6Download
SDKSDK for Document Preview integration into you own custom solutions2.1.6Download

Pricing & Licensing
Document PreviewServer-based license: one SharePoint server$1,950.00Order
Document PreviewGlobal license: one domain, unlimited number of SharePoint farms/servers$4,900.00Order
Annual SupportStandard Support Program for Server-based license. Read more$292.50Order
Annual SupportStandard Support Program for Global License. Read more$735.00Order
Visio ExtensionServer license: one SharePoint server$700.00Order
Annual Support for Visio ExtensionStandard Support Program for for Visio Extension Read more$105.00Order
CAD ExtensionServer license: one SharePoint server$700.00Order
Annual Support for CAD ExtensionStandard Support Program.$105.00Order

Supported File Formats


  1.    Microsoft Word

·         Open XML File Format Document (.docx)

·         Open XML File Format Document with code (.docm)

·         Open XML File Format Template (.dotx)

·         Open XML File Format Template with code (.dotm)

·         Word 97-2003 Document (.doc)

·         Word 97-2003 Template (.dot)

·         Rich Text Format files (.rtf).

·         Single File Web Pages (.mht, .mhtml).


2.    Microsoft Excel

·         Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

·         Excel Workbook with code (.xlsm)

·         Excel Template (.xltx)

·         Excel Template with code (.xltm)

·         Excel 97- Excel 2003 Workbook (.xls)

·         Excel 97- Excel 2003 Template (.xlt)

·         Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook (.xls)

·         Comma delimited (.csv)

3.    Microsoft PowerPoint

·         PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)

·         PowerPoint Presentation with code (.pptm)

4.    Text files (.txt)


5.   Web pages ****


6.   InfoPath web-enabled forms ****


5.   Email messages (.msg, .eml)

6.    Microsoft Visio *

·         Visio Drawing (.vsd)

·         Visio Drawing XML File (.vdx)

·         Shapeware Visio Smartshapes File (.vss)

·         Visio Template (.vst)

·         Visio Template XML File  (.vtx)

·         XML for Visio Stencil File (.vsx)

7.    Image files

·         Bitmap (.bmp)

·         Extended (Enhanced) Windows Metafile Format (.emf)

·         Exchangeable Image Information File (.exif)

·         Graphic Interchange Format (.gif)

·         Icon (.ico)

·         JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)

·         Portable Network Graphic (.png)

·         Photoshop Format (.psd) **

·         Tagged Image Format File (.tif, .tiff)

·         Windows Metafile (.wmf)


8.    Acrobat files (.pdf)

9,    Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

10.  Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

11.  CAD Files (.dwg, .dxf) ***

*        Visio Extension for Document Preview is required
**      Photoshop Extension for Document Preview is required
***    CAD Extension for Document Preview is required
****  Web Extension is required

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